17 Fun Things for After the Prom

“We rented a party bus from a company we found in Prom Guide, stopped at a club, and rode around all of Manhattan with 28 of our friends.” -Camille Mangual

1. Grab some grub at Denny’s, Perkins, IHOP, or the Waffle House.

2. Take a romantic carriage ride.

3. Walk along the shore on the beach.

4. Have an after-prom party with a theme like “Polynesian Paradise”.

5. Go to an amusement park.

6. Hop in an RV (recreational vehicle) and head to the lake, jet ski, and roast marshmallows.

7. Head to the bowling alley.

8. Bon Voyage!  Board a boat for a night time party cruise.

9. Be careful not to bust a stitch at a comedy club.

10. Go club hopping.

11. Swim with the fishes at the zoo.

12. Celebrate with a bonfire.

13. Go to an arcade and play laser tag or ride the bumper cars.  

14. Have a game night.

15. Glide around the rink in roller skates.

16. Go to a local festival.

17. Rent a party bus or a limo and cruise around town.

Your limousine company can be very resourceful when it comes to what to do after the prom.  They often have great suggestions and discount passes for clubs, restaurants, cruises, and more.  Whether you’re driving or being driven, please be careful.  Don’t drink and drive.



  1. Proms are really a big deal for you guys there huh? Here in our city, the kids are more often than not, required to go home immediately after. The parents would be waiting by the doors of the hotel to pick up their children. haha

  2. These are all great ideas! Going with your friends at a restaurant sounds like great fun. Same as the romantic carriage shared with your prom date.


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