Enisa “Wait for Love” New Video

Enisa, Prom Guide's 2014 Cover Model just released the video, 'Wait For Love'.

Enisa “Wait for Love” – New Video

Enisa is saying what she has always has–she will wait for love!  Her new video for her single, “Wait for Love” dropped this month and it is our new summer anthem!

If Enisa’s video for her debut single “Burn this Bridge” was an escape from New York as deemed by Billboard in 2016, then the video for “Wait for Love” is Enisa embracing every bit of New York.  Suddenly, she is staying in New York to “Wait for Love”.   Each setting, Chinatown, downtown Brooklyn against the New York City skyline and the Brooklyn Bridge lets her future love know where to find her.  It makes sense that the Brooklyn born-and-bred beauty would stay put in New York and wait.


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As for style, Enisa alternates between her signature hair bun and super straight tresses.  As a result, she coordinates with a white pant suit, a yellow pant suit, a multi-colored print dress, and a blue motorcycle jacket paired with ripped jeans and white platform shoes.

The song was written by Enisa herself with help from Jay Stolar.  The video was directed by Hussein Farraj.

Enisa, an American born Albanian, is a pop singer once signed to Wilhelmina‘s music and talent division. So far she has released five singles:

Wait for Love – 2019
Reunite – 2018
Freedom – 2017
Glory Days – 2017
Burn This Bridge – 2016

I’m addition to singing and songwriting, Enisa is a model and actress with credits to her name.

Additional credits:

Beat Production:  Adam Pallin
1st Assistant Director: Mad Mathewz
2nd Assistant Director: Winna Carrasco
Colorist:  Mauro Carignano
Editors: Hussein Farraj and Enisa
Director of Photography: Hussein Farraj
Assistant Camera: Mark Banning
Producer: Hussein Farraj
Lighting PA: Andrew Grell
Audio PA: Gyasi Martin
Camera PA: Cameron Campbell

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  1. I love the vibe of Enisa and this video for “Wait for Love”. It has a cool retro thing going on that reminds me of the videos we used to see back in the 90’s when I was in high school.

  2. Enisa sounds like a very talented lady! It’s crazy: I live in NYC, and have never heard of her, but I am interested in listening to some of her music. She seems to have a great sense of style too!

  3. Very interesting to know about Enisa’s new single and video for “Wait for Love”. I’ve got to check this out but first I’m heading on over to Instagram to become a fan.

  4. “Wait for Love” is a very nice song, I like the oriental influences in the music. I didn’t hear about Enisa before, she is very talented and I wish her all the best.

  5. Love the styling of Enisa in the video, “Wait for Love”. The genre isn’t really my style but she’s got talent!

  6. Well, I never heard about her before, so no clue who Enisa is, but I guess she won’t find her love with her attitude … LOL
    But great post tho!

    • Enisa is an upcoming artist who has seen some success and is hitting milestones! Your perspective of Enisa and her song is very interesting. “Wait for Love” is an empowering song about the fact that she would rather wait for love than have the comfort of a man who charms her but doesn’t love her. She would rather wait for love alone than wait for love with someone who she knows doesn’t love her just so she doesn’t have to be alone. I think this ‘attitude’ she has, is one of self-love and great maturity for a singer/songwriter of her age.


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