Billionaire New York

Billionaire New York is a New York based design house specializing in custom tuxedos.   Their bespoke tuxedos can be seen on celebrities such as Meek Mill and Fabulous on New Years Eve, discerning grooms, and men who make statements with their attire suited for luxury taste and style. They are the go-to choice of aspiring prom kings, like Justin in Chicago and his date, Prom Queen Jada.

Billionaire New York’s Spring 2019 collection tends to favor shawl collars although you will not have to look far for the popular peaked lapel.  Jackets are measured to fit with fabrics consisting of your choice of brocade, sequins, metal thread, crystals, florals, velvets, silks, glitter, and more.

The B Collective’s Best Menswear Designer Nominee, Billionaire New York’s tuxedos are exclusively at Harlem Haberdashery.

Guy Wood, Jr. is the Creative Director of Billionaire New York and the co-owner of Harlem Haberdashery in New York City.