FIDDA is a pageant and prom dress designer based in Instanbul, Turkey.  They specialize in unique, stylish, glamorous looks that are trendy yet classic, sophisticated yet simple, chic yet demure.

FIDDA offers an affordable, attainable collection that prom and pageant girls can find worldwide.  Some of their 2019 collection includes dresses with over skirts that expose built-in beaded stocking-like leggings that really ups the glamour quotient.

The editors of Prom Guide saw the FIDDA collection in their United States showroom and their designs are constructed of fine fabrics and craftsmanship only known to the some of the most prestigious design houses in the fashion capitals of the world.  They give local vendors, prom girls, pageant girls and women deciding on evening wear very good reasons not to default to some of the more well know designers without giving their dresses some well deserved consideration.

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