Gemy Maalouf Spring 2019 Prom Dresses

See Gemy Maalouf Spring 2019 Prom Dress Highlights

Keshia Richmond
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  1. Beautiful dresses again. It’s always nice to see the fancy dresses, but I actually like the simplicity of some of the others here. Look 1 is a pretty dress which could be worn time after time.

  2. the selection of dresses on your blog are always incredible! I would love to try some on one day! This collection looks incredible!

  3. I love the pastel pink one. look six the floral design is absolutely stunning. It also be a wonderful bridesmaid gown.

  4. The model in the prom dresses looks very beautiful. She has a beautiful face that can pull off any of these prom dresses. :0)

  5. Love the variety of prom dress looks you have pictured above. The top photo is totally my favorite and so hard to choose with so many pretty dresses to choose from.

  6. Look #1, #4 and #5 are pretty prom dresses that could still be worn for some other occasion. I like the design. It is just exudes femininity!

  7. i know this is a prom post, but for some reason when i saw #6, i thought of how beautiful it would be if it came in white.

  8. Look #6 is the prettiest prom dress for me. That will make you feel like a princess! Even the pale pink color will make a girl’s femininity shine.

  9. Would you mind making a post on what to do with these dresses after prom? It’s so bad now, especially in this age of social media, to repeat dresses without being heckled by haters.
    Can you resell, recycle etc.?

    • You don’t have to lose weight to fit in any of the dresses that you see. The great majority of designers offer dresses in larger sizes. It’s just that the larger sizes are not always reflected in the the models. That’s great news!

  10. These are beautiful dresses. I agree with Scott. Look 4 and 5 seem to be ideal for other occassions as well. With minimalism taking over, young people today would opt for versatile looks. As a storyteller, I would love to read the story behind each look.

    • Your response is very intriguing as I’ve often wondered about how much interest there would be if we pursued some of the stories behind the dresses. This is something to think about.


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