House of Wu Spring 2019 Prom Dress Highlights

House of Wu Spring 2019 Prom Dress Highlights from Tiffany Designs, Hannah S, Tiffany Exclusive and more...

Keshia Richmond
Chief Content Creator for Prom Guide and Real Runways, the leaders in print and digital content for teen coming-of-age-events since 1988.


  1. What a beautiful collection of prom dresses! It is so difficult to choose one but I’d love to try that Lavendar dress!

  2. Here are a lot of prom dresses that the ladies can choose from. I’m sure there is one for every girl out there.

  3. There are some really amazing prom dresses like there. I really do like the first one although my daughter might consider it a little risque. Still very beautiful there.

  4. Always a great pieces in the prom dress collections each time! My personal favorite would be 19! I have others that I like too but 19 just instantly captured my heart. Thanks for sharing.


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