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Performance Tux by Michael Kors & Jim’s Formal Wear

Performance Tux by Michael Kors & Jim’s Formal Wear

Jim’s Formal Wear released a concept video for the Performance Tuxedo by Micheal Kors.

The 1:08 video features a prom girl in a prom dress outside of a prom venue wondering where her prom date is.  She sends him a text that he receives while casually walking out of a coffee shop in a Performance Tuxedo by Micheal Kors.  When he sees the text message from his prom date inquiring about his whereabouts, he throws the coffee in the trash and dashes madly across the street, jumps through a bike rack, and does cartwheels ending in a roundoff down some stairs.

Meanwhile, his prom date, at her wits end, throws her hands in the air and paces in front on the prom venue after sending him a text message.

The video cuts back to him braking just in time to slide onto a park bench to take a break from what had to have been an intense rush to meet his prom date.  But just as he catches a breath, he receives a text message, “5 minutes”.  He realizes he has no time to rest.

Next we see him turn more cartwheels across a field this time capped off with a triple roundoff.  Then back down the street with backflips for good measure.  He jumps over a stair rail then takes a second to check how his Peformance Tux by Michael Kors is holding up.  Satisfied that he looks great, and he truly does, he scales the roof then hood of a cargo van and over a bistro table where a couple dines outdoors.

One final cartwheel, forward flip later, he creeps up behind his nearly impatient prom date, touches her in the small of her back.  She turns around to see him looking ever so good in his Performance Tux by Michael Kors that all is forgiven and they enter the prom venue together.

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  1. Oh man, I never went to prom so I never had to deal with finding an outfit or a date – haha! I am not sure if I missed out or if I am thrilled I didn’t have a prom experience EVER. ha!


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