Jim’s Formal Wear Tuxedo Spring 2019 Highlights

Jim’s Formal Wear Tuxedo Spring 2019 Highlights

Keshia Richmond
Chief Content Creator for Prom Guide and Real Runways, the leaders in print and digital content for teen coming-of-age-events since 1988.


  1. I love these tuxedos. They’re so classic and elegant. I’m not a fan of those tuxes that try too hard to be something other than a tux. Tuxes are timeless.

  2. These tuxedos all look so nice. I am sure any young man going to the prom would want to look their best. This is a great selection to choose from.

  3. These are great looking tuxes! I love all the varieties of them. Would be a fun prom with all these options there!


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