Jovani and JVN

Breathtaking and vibrant are the first two words that will come to mind when you first look at the Spring 2019 Prom & Pageant collection of Jovani and JVN prom dresses. One of the industry’s premier prom dress designers has really outdone themselves this year, producing two lines of elegant and colorful prom dresses and gowns that surpasses anything they have put on the market previously. Colorful doesn’t even begin to describe them. The images you’ll see when you look at these videos will give you life.

None of that is an exaggeration. Before you go shopping for a prom limo, a prom tuxedo for your date, or find a prom hairstylist, you need to focus and consider a Jovani or JVN prom dress before one of your classmates gets to it. The 2019 collection is absolutely spectacular and you will want to be wearing something from it when you show up at the prom venue on prom night.

Jovani showcases it’s plus size collection very nicely.  Their new collection has a selection of blues, reds, pinks, yellows, and greens that stand out and that are cut to fit girls of all shapes and sizes. If you have a prom this year you are truly the luckiest class of the past four years. The Jovani and JVN prom dresses you have to choose from this year are the best ever.

Keshia Richmond
Chief Content Creator for Prom Guide and Real Runways, the leaders in print and digital content for teen coming-of-age-events since 1988.


    • You definitely would not want these dresses for free. The make you feel so grand and luxe, you would not want to miss out on the feeling of abundance you get when you buy something of this quality.


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