Lotus Threads Wedding Dresses Highlights (Photos)

Keshia Richmond
Chief Content Creator for Prom Guide and Real Runways, the leaders in print and digital content for teen coming-of-age-events since 1988.


  1. These are amazing I do love all the style that you have here. This is something that I will have to keep in mind for the near future. thanks for sharing

  2. All those dresses are mesmerizing!!! Seriously, I can’t get over how beautiful these dress are and I can’t even imagine how more stunning it is in person! Great post

  3. I love how some of these are breaking the mold of the traditional wedding dress while others are following it but with extra royal touches. Honestly they are all gorgeous and I would wear quite a few for my wedding!

  4. I prefer the more conservative styles, so those two wedding dresses in the 3rd row (#5 and #6 I assume) are my top picks. I love the simplicity of the gowns, making any bride look her prettiest!

  5. Those were some amazing and unique designs! That’s is a really nice collection, love the short wedding dress.

  6. OMG such a beautiful collection! I love the first! Im not married nor have I attended a wedding! So perfect future ideas

  7. i think it is about time there is a break from the poofy princess wedding gowns. surprisingly i think my favourite is the one with the peek-a-boo on the abdomen

  8. I love gowns that can be worn beyond the wedding day. Many of these are versatile enough to fit that category. Love them all.


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