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Wear a Prom Dress Inspired by Your Favorite Disney Princess

If it were prom night and Disney’s Queen Grimhilde aka The Evil Queen and Maleficent were to lure all the Disney princesses to an enchanted forest to prevent them from going to prom, at least one of them would do it in this black, off the shoulder, trumpet (2484) MNM Couture gown by Foaud Sarkis.

The princess who is crowned prom queen will have powers far greater than the Evil Queen and Maleficent put together.  They are both determined not to let that happen.  Do the evil queens succeed or do the princesses make it through the forest and on to prom in time to be crowned prom queen?  We don’t know.  What we do know is that these princesses look stunning sauntering through the enchanted forest.

It seems that Faoud Sarkis drew inspiration for his Spring 2019 Prom & Pageant Collection from the fantasy world of Disney.  And we are not mad.  He leveled up the prom dress for each princess giving her an increased level of style, sophistication, and elegance.  Each princess has an amazing prom dress that arguably has all the sophistication of a pageant dress.

See what your favorite Disney princesses are wearing to Prom 2019 below.

Snow White 

Snow White tends to favor a solid bodice with a bold skirt.


In that vein, our editor thought that this solid bodice in black would be fitting.  When it came to the sleeves, Snow White tends to favor short sleeves.  We suspect that she has great shoulders and encouraged her to dare-to-bare with this off-the-shoulder look with a sweetheart neckline.  For the skirt, we wanted to see her take another bold step with a floral pattern and the seven dwarfs agreed.

Queen Elsa & Princess Anna of Arendelle – Frozen

Elsa & Anna, the sisters from Frozen, are both going to prom.  These sisters are anything but the same.  We wanted them in dresses that were uniform in glam but played on opposites. 

For Queen Elsa, we challenged her to show her warm nature with a long-sleeved off the shoulder gown tempered with black overlay. 

Normally, she would wear white or blue, the most fitting colors for the ice queen that she is, but on this occasion she warmed up to the idea and took our advice and wore a red prom dress.

Princess Anna’s go to dress is of the color block variety. 

We wanted to get her away from color blocking on prom night.  We suggested an emerald green gown with black overlay that unifies and coordinates with Queen Elsa’s look.  Princess Anna herself choose the cold-shoulder straps with a deep-plunging neckline.

Little Red Riding Hood

Our biggest challenge with Little Red Riding Hood was getting her to leave the hood, cape, and basket at home. 


We found a compromise with this red gown with a high neck embellished with a bow.  To throw in a little subtle color, we thought the gold skirt underlay worked well and added a touch of royalty to the look.  We didn’t want her to look out of place in the company of all these princesses.  Although she is a commoner, she defeated the evil wolf and elevated herself to the fringes of the royal circle.

Aurora – Sleeping Beauty

We were slightly torn about who should wear this dress.  Initially, we thought it would be a great look for Ariel, the mermaid princess.  She wasn’t thrilled with the idea of a one-piece gown.  She’s a mid-driff, two-piece type of girl. 

Plus, she’s not going to prom unless the prom venue is on a cruise at sea.  She doesn’t have that kind of time to be coming up on land.

When Aurora, Sleeping Beauty, saw this dress, she immediately fell in love with it.  It’s an updated take on the pink gowns that she’s used to.

When she put it on, it gave her life!  This is not a gown you sleep in…darling.  How could she?  This gown is meant to move.

Tiana – The Princess and the Frog

We really had have a long style talk with Tiana.  We had to convince her that her style is so Cinderella.  She needs to throw this whole look over the balcony.

Our goal for Tiana was a gorgeous gown whose patterned fabric resembles the earth ones that she tends to find comfort in yet pushes her style envelope a little further with shoulder straps, plunging neckline and overskirt.


Now dressing Pocohontas was a challenge.  She’s used to barely there, one-shoulder, fitted mini-dresses with high side splits.

Pocohontas was very adamant about what she was and was not willing to wear until we showed her this gown.  She fell in love with it.  What she loved most about it was that the colors really complemented her complexion and stayed true to her love of nude colors with beading that really leveled up the glam factor.


While Moana, Disney’s Polynesian princess, really loves her traditional dress, shawl, kihei made of kapa or barkcloth sourced from her island home, she agreed to a departure from her traditional island garments.

This red prom dress features long sheer sleeves, plunging neckline, and a high split.


We didn’t venture too far for Cinderella’s look.  Her gowns, which tend to be blue, were the inspiration. 

We thought that a deeper hue of blue would be becoming with a subtle pattern.  The deep v neckline with ruffled sleeves gives her a playful look to add to her elegance.  We wanted to help her express her playful side since she’s always so serious with her evil stepsisters still causing drama.

Elena – Avalor

Princess Elena of Avalor wanted to stay true to her latin roots and her favorite color red.  In many cultures, red is a heroic color and it is fitting for heroine like Elena.  We loved this red dress with a beaded bodice and sleeves capped with ruffles.  

Belle – Beauty and the Beast

Who can deny that this dress looks great on Belle.  We’re used to seeing Belle in a canary yellow ball gown.  

Sometimes, when you find something that looks great on you, you don’t try to change it, you own it.  Belle, owns the yellow ballgown and we decided on a variation of the color to a deeper mustard tone which works.

Merida – Brave

Merida looks great in her blue gown.  Anything that Merida wears must be functional because she’s known to break out bow and arrow at any time.

That’s why we thought she’d look great in this MNM Couture gown with plenty of places to hide weapons.  Those sleeves can double as arrow holders, don’t you think?

We don’t think The Evil Queen and Maleficent stand a chance against these princesses.  There’s too much princess power in one place to let their evil shenanigans keep them from getting to prom.  And if these princesses, are going to fight evil, look glam, and make an entrance at prom, they should be doing it in a MNM Couture gown by Foaud Sarkis.

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Keshia Richmond
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  1. What a great twist on fashion, bringing together Princess beauty with real life flair. I just saw the movie with Moana and like the dress you picked for her look. She is a modern, independent princess with a can-do attitude. She’s probably the girl at prom that asked her guy to attend, made all the arrangements and didn’t need to stop for directions!

  2. I’m blown away by this, so much decadence! My favourite is Snow White’s though, something so romantic but sophisticated about it.

    Those gold undertones in Red Riding Hood’s skirt were also glorious.

    Once you’d said Ariel had originally been in mind for that dress, it was all I could see, shimmer like scales right?

    Just adored this post, a real treat.

  3. Wow, this is a great post. I’m going to show this to my gals because they are huge fans to all Disney characters. BTW, love all the photos as well.

  4. These dresses are very beautiful!! I love that you added video instead if photos of each dress. I don’t think I can pick just one favorite lol I think my top 3 would be Snow Whie, Queen Elsa and Pocahontas ❤️

  5. I want to have Prom night now 🙁 Once upon a time I so much wanted to dress up like Cinderella. It never happened. Now I’m grown up and I can choose from a great collection of Prom dresses from MNM Couture.

  6. Fantastic! Like a fairytale that came true! Thank you for sharing this post, will definitely pass it on to my nieces, they are such a fan.

    • I invite your nieces to come back to see the dresses from MNM Couture and the Disney princesses and villians they may have drawn inspiration from.

  7. This is interesting! These are gorgeous prom dresses! Thanks for sharing ♥️ ♥️ By any chance would one of these dresses come in white?



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