Vienna Prom Dresses 2019 Collection

Watch to see the looks from Vienna Prom's 2019 Prom Dress collection at Formal Wear Fashion Week.

Vienna Prom Dresses

Vienna Prom packs about 118 looks from their Spring Summer 2019 Prom Dress and Pageant Dress collection into 36:16 minutes in their “Vienna Prom Spring 2019 Runway Video”.  Vienna Prom released the video earlier this month.  This is a must-see for any prom girl planning for prom season 2019 and pageant girls planning their state and national looks for 2019.

Vienna Prom gives us looks that seem to speak to classic Americana with simple beaded bodices, flowing satin skirts coupled with modern deep plunging v-necklines which is sort of a staple in this collection.

What intrigues us the most of the Vienna Prom Dresses is those embellished with iridescent sequins.  You can see iridescent sequins in an off-the shoulder sheath dress with a purple trumpet at 9:24, in a bodice with black jersey skirt at 25:54, adorning an entire jumpsuit at 27:20, a built-in belted, deep v neckline, a-line gown at 29:31, and there’s more to find when watching.

Jimme Huang, the designer behind Vienna Prom, has been dressing girls in Vienna Prom since it debuted in Dallas in 2011 after successfully designing jewelry for Helen’s Heart.  It’s no wonder that his dress designs reflect some of the aesthetic of the jewelry he once designed.  This, no doubt, sets his collection apart in ways that few other designers can achieve.

Filmed presumably during Formal Wear Fashion Week in Atlanta, Georgia, the prom dress and evening wear capitol of the country, Vienna Prom’s showroom provides an unobstructed, simple backdrop that allows Huang’s creations to be the star of the show.

Though the name Vienna Prom may imply that Vienna only dresses prom girls, Vienna Prom also dresses Pageant queens and those who aspire to be.  They are the sponsor of the United States of America’s Miss Pageant 2019 being held on President’s Day Weekend, February 14-17, 2019 at the South Point Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada.



Keshia Richmond
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  1. 7820 and the first dress (peach one) are definitely my favorite! i unfortunately do not have anywhere to wear them to but I will gladly sport it in my living room haha. Awesome post and beautiful dresses.

  2. Wow so pretty dress selection! 7837 is my favorite! I love the sheer and sparkly embellished detail. But all dresses are absolutely stunning!

  3. Wow these dresses are gorgeous! Some of them would make great bridesmaid dresses as well as being used for proms. I thought one was my favourite until I saw the next one, that then became my fave! If I could I would have them all! Great article!

  4. So many dresses! I’m not a fan of dresses but somehow watching it was entertaining. I LOOOVE the electric blue gown, it’s so simple. Awww.. I wish I could relive prom for the dress. haha

  5. Oh my goodness! So many beautiful dresses and the design was so unique. The fashion, the styles, the uniqueness they have! I love them all ❤️

  6. That first dress is gorgeous!! I typically like dresses with a little more coverage but even the dresses with less coverage are super cute on these girls! I remember my prom dress – it was poofy and bright yellow. What was I thinking! Lol


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