Keshia Richmond:  What was the inspiration behind the collaboration with Fabric House, Billionaire New York, and Strugala?

Jacqueline Vasquez:  The inspiration started with the owner of Fabric House NYC. I was introduced to Ali, and there was an instant connection. He had a vision, and I was honored to be invited to collaborate and be a part of it. His collaboration already included designers Strugala The Label and Billionaire New York. My part was to take his vision and make it a reality with an amazing team of professionals.

Jacqueline Vasquez - Lifetime Events by Jackie - Prom GuideJacqueline Vasquez - Lifetime Events by Jackie
Ali of Fabric House (center), Jacqueline Vasquez (right)

Keshia Richmond: You recently did a photo shoot with Billionaire New York and Strugala. Is this an ongoing collaboration?

Jacqueline Vasquez: The vision and goal is to continue working with the professionals we collaborated with. So the answer is yes, I wanted to showcase the designers work in a different platform and the photo shoot was an amazing opportunity. I believe in their brands, and will continue to support them.

Keshia Richmond: The fashion show was in April which seems like it leaves boys preparing for prom and grooms to get their made-to-measure custom tuxedo and brides their gowns since most New York proms are end of June and this is when wedding season starts. Did this factor into scheduling the fashion show?

Jacqueline Vasquez:  Since it was the first “Tie The Knot” wedding fashion show, the goal was to be ready for the 2019 Spring NY Bridal Fashion Week.

Since weddings are year round, what better time than Spring to showcase two amazing NYC designers.

Keshia Richmond: Many people know you for wedding planning, were you also the event planner?

Jacqueline Vasquez: Being in the event industry for close to 20 years, have done many events both weddings, social, corporate and and nonprofit events. My clientele is 70% weddings but I do any type of events whether locally in NY or destinations.

We [Lifetime Events by Jacqueline] plan everything from intimate dinner parties, to tented home events, multiple day corporate events, nonprofit galas, etc.

Keshia Richmond: Do many of your past, present, or future brides and grooms worn or are planning to wear Strugala or Billionaire New York?

Jacqueline Vasquez:  I recently started collaborating them and have been promoting them to my clientele. There were a couple of clients who were invited to the wedding fashion show, and some exclusive clients who look forward to working with them.Jacqueline Vasquez - Lifetime Events by Jacqueline - Prom Guide

Keshia Richmond: It looked like there was standing room only, would you estimate the attendance?

Jacqueline Vasquez: There were approximately 120 or more. It was standing room for sure.

Keshia Richmond: Any plans for a future repeat of this event?

Jacqueline Vasquez:  Yes Fabric House is looking to bring forth another amazing “Tie The Knot” event. Stay tuned…


  1. Hi Keshia,

    Thank you so much for the interview. I was so honored and excited to be interviewed by you. I loved this event because it allowed me to collaborate with some of NYC awesome fashion designers and entrepreneurs. I look forward to future collaborations.


  2. Being in the industry for 20 years, she is a definite icon. I am positive all her clients were extremely satisfied. I will check out her website to see what her company offers.

    • Thank you Brianne, and yes I do LOVE what I do. Sometimes people find their true passion work immediately and sometimes it may take years. For me it took a while, but it was well worth the wait. xoxo

    • Hi Gigi, Thanks… Even though 80% of my business is weddings I definitely do other social events including birthday celebrations, anniversaries, holiday parties, galas, and a couple corporate events. Visit our website or our instagram @lebjv


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