1. I would definitely go for look 1 but I also like look 2. Oh now I am confused. Actually, all 3 look fab but I think I would want to settle for Look #3. Lace is perfection. Thanks for always sharing fab outfits!

  2. I love how wedding dresses now include sleeves! I like look number 2 and 3. Really classic and gorgeous. If I had to do it all over again, I’d probably go for #3.

  3. i love the shape of the first one, but love the material or design of the second one. if only wedding dresses could be custom made at an affordable price, that would be amazing.

  4. Wow, again your post amazed me. I live all these outfits and all these bridal dress wa are super beautiful.

  5. Okay look 2 is to dye for! I love all of the lace. When I was getting married I wanted to have lace on my dress but I didn’t really know just how expensive it was. I mean I knew lace was a lot of work but I was floored! Still my favorite look though.


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