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Lore Fashions Bridal Spring 2019 Fashion Show

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Keshia Richmond
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  1. Beautiful dresses, the nature pieces they have them carrying is an interesting choice as well instead of going with traditional flowers.

  2. It seems like everything fashionable at one time comes back into fashion later. The short flowered dress reminds me of the 1970s. I think it’s cute.

  3. i love the beautiful pics and the wonderful wedding dresses. Makes the women wearing it very lithe and lissome. Thanks for this

  4. oh dress number three/the biggest shown dress. it look ideal for summer: super cute, cozy and girly. that is something I would wear all the time

  5. I think the last dress is pretty modern for a wedding, but I love colors and don’t want to wear a plain white dress on my wedding. Great bridal looks

  6. When I remarried seven years ago, I wanted a short wedding dress and they were near impossible to find and I ended up having one made in China! There’s a few here that could’ve worked !


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