Hey. It’s Skylar Stecker and I’m here about to do my [Prom Guide] photo shoot.  Yea!

This is really fun because now I get to do the best part of prom which is getting ready and picking out the outfit.

I’m so excited for this.  Can’t wait.  But I think about prom all the time.  I like have dreams about it.

If I could have any kind of car to go to prom,  I would probably want…

Like if you’re going with a group of your girlfriends, I think a party bus would be more fun. But if you actually have a date and you want it to be like a ‘romantic-ish’ kind of thing, I would go with a limo.

I’ve had, actually, a couple of fans, guy fans, who were like, “Will you go to homecoming with me?”  I wish I could.  But, I can’t.  It’s the truth.  I really do wish I could because my fans are so supportive.  I really like to interact with all of them.

I love the look right now.  We were messing with the hair and I just put it over to the side and said, “what about this?”  I really like it.  Also, I love this ring.  It is really cool.  And, I have a bracelet that matches.

I love the look and the makeup look.  It’s really natural but still totally glam at the same time.

You can get my album on itunes.  It’s called, “This is me”.  Or you can go to my website at and all my social media links are there.


  1. Skylar Stecker makes me feel like high school prom. And she got herself all dressed up and ready…I can imagine how much she stood out. So stunning!

  2. Wow, Skylar Stecker looks gorgeous and stunning with her outfit and makeup. I need to check her album and download it from iTunes.

  3. I love Skylar Stecker’s make up. It looks so natural! Her outfits are all gorgeous too. The ring she wore was just totally unique!


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