My name is Mia Querida.  I’m seventeen years old and I go to Bayonne High School.

I’m the captain of the step team.  I dance and I act.  I sing and I model.

They dresses that I modeled today…  They are so beautiful.  They make you look like a princess.  I love it.  I like the white and black dress with the pouffy bottom [].

Prom Guide:  The one right behind you?

The one right there.  I like this one.

Prom Guide:  What are your friends talking about?

They’re talking about their dresses but I’m keeping mine a secret.

Prom Guide: Tell us about that bun and side braid.

I like it.  It’s simple but really, really classy.

This year, I think for prom, make sure you feel like a princess.


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