Checklist for Prom

There's only one senior prom--once a year and once a lifetime.  To ensure that your prom experience is everything it should be and more, we've put together a Prom Guide Checklist.

Prom Checklist

Use this checklist to make sure that no prom-related task goes undone.  Remember the seven P’s, Proper Prom Planning Promotes Priceless Prom Pleasures.

16 Weeks

  • Grab a couple of copies of Prom Guide Magazine
  • Build your Glam Squad*
  • Give a copy of Prom Guide to each member of your Glam Squad including your date
  • Find out how much $$$ each Glam Squad member will contribute
  • Draft your prom budget with’s prom calculator
  • Begin targeting prom vendors in your area by visiting
  • Consider forming a group and renting a limo to take advantage of early discounts

*Glam Squad is made up of anyone contributing to the planning or financial obligations of your Prom.

12 Weeks

  • Decide on accesories that will complement your dress
  • Experiment with hair, makeup and nails to find the perfect look
  • Choose your final look with the help of your Glam Squad

6 Weeks

  • Purchase your prom tickets
  • Make plans for pre and post-prom activities
  • Guys get fitted for tux; ladies get fitted for dress
  • Check with date to make sure dress and tux coordinate

4 Weeks

  • Purchase and pick up your prom dress
  • Break in your prom shoes
  • Make appointments to have your hair, makeup and nails done
  • Select photographer or designate Glam Squad member

2 Weeks

  • Call and confirm all reservations and appointments
  • Put together your Prom Survival Kit:  camera, film, clear nail polish, extra pantyhose, cell phone, change, cash, student ID, tickets, etc.
  • Introduce your Prom date to your parents
  • Get extra rest to prepare for Prom festivities

Prom Day

  • Pick up your date’s boutonniere or corsage
  • Go to your hair, nails and makeup appointment(s)


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