Rihanna – The Bad Girl

HER THEME SONG: Oh na na, what's my name? Oh na na, What's my name?


Love her or hate her, Rihanna has that undeniable thing that instantly pulls people in. When she walks in a room, heads turn and jaws drop, boys swoon and bottles pop. That’s how bad this girl is. She’s flirty, fiery, mischievous and edgy, and she does things her way. Whether it’s her provocative music, her risque love life, or her in-your-face sex appeal — Rihanna pushes it right up to danger’s door.

It’s hard to imagine Rhi Rhi in a traditional prom dress, but you can’t rule it out because our girl could take a ho-hum taffeta dress and turn it out. She could rock a men’s tuxedo or wear black leather and lace. She’d look hot no matter what. That’s what bad girls do — they do what they want and we love them for it.


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