Skylar Stecker on Cover of Digital Edition
Skylar Stecker on Cover of Digital Edition

Songstress Skylar Stecker, just 13, already dreams of prom. With her recently released debut album, This is me, she knows how to make her dreams come true. At just nine years old, she played piano at an audition for her Madison, Wisconsin school talent show when the teacher asked her to sing.

Skylar’s newly discovered, expansive vocal range launched her dream of pursuing a career as a pianist, singer, and songwriter. Highly supportive, her parents moved the family to Los Angeles and Skylar landed a deal with Cherrytree Records. What Skylar dreams, Skylar becomes!


“Rooftop”, Skylar’s up-tempo party track that will have you at prom with your hands in the air.

So when Skylar dreamt of prom, as a precursor, she landed on the cover of Prom Guide. She arrived on set for our photoshoot in New York City chirpy as ever. She requested Beyonce. With Queen Bey blaring in the background, Skylar gave us one fierce pose after the other.

A self-proclaimed member of the Bey Hive, Beyonce’s legion of fans, Skylar’s got her own. We like to call them the Sky Larks. Imagine how ecstatic the Prom Guide crew, newly minted Sky Larks, were to hear Skylar’s live, soulful cover of Rose Royce’s, “I’m Going Down”.

While it’s unlikely that song will be on your prom playlist, one that ought to be is “Rooftop”, Skylar’s up-tempo party track that will have you at prom with your hands in the air. Like Skylar, what you dream, you can become. Dream prom.


  1. What a very talented young lady. Skylar Stecker is super gorgeous and I sure wish I would have had my crap together like hers at that age!

  2. Wow, it sounds like Skylar Stecker really knew her focus from an early age. I just hope she doesn’t have parents behind her forcing her into this.

    • We’ve met Skylar and her mom who both shared how Skylar made the decision to be a singer and her family just supported her to the fullest. If you’ve ever heard her voice, she is a cross between Whitney, Mariah, and Celine. The world needs her!

  3. You know…my city has a charity drive each year where adults – like me – get dressed up like we’re going to prom and have a good time. Skylar Stecker is a talented and beautiful young woman – and who can blame her for loving Beyonce?!


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