Prom Guide Cover Models 2007

Erin Muschette

When Erin Muschette of Lynn Classical High School was selected by her peers to model for Prom Guide, she knew it would be a special event because she was wearing a prom dress provided by Alyce Paris, prom shoes by Sizzle Shoes, and had her makeup done by celebrity makeup artist Lazarus. Gracing our cover with style, she is featured with Joel Alvarez of Satellite High School who is wearing Jean Yves. Prom Guide had a chance to chat with Erin at the photo shoot.
Prom Guide: Where did you first hear about the Prom Guide teen model search contest & scholarship?


Prom Guide: On a scale of 1-10 how psyched are you for the prom?
Erin Muschette: 10!!

Prom Guide: Is this your first experience in modeling?
Erin Muschette: Yes

Prom Guide: Do you have a spa/salon day planned with your friends to do your hair or make-up?
Erin Muschette: No

Prom Guide: Have you already got a date for the prom, or are you going with a group from class?
Erin Muschette: No

Prom Guide: Other than class, how do you like to spend your time in school?
Erin Muschette: Powder puff, which is girl football that you play only in your senior year. I am also on the school swim team.

Prom Guide: How would you say that you show “love” to your school?
Erin Muschette: I participate in school activities and attend as many sporting events as possible to show school spirit.

Prom Guide: When you’re not in school, where do you spend most of your time?
Erin Muschette: North Shore Upward Bound Program.

Prom Guide: Do you have any plans with your class, friends for right after the prom?
Erin Muschette: Not yet.

Prom Guide: If you could have your pick of a “dream date,” name the celebrity or star you would ask.
Erin Muschette: Bow Wow

Prom Guide: Where will you be going to eat after the prom?
Erin Muschette: IHOP.

Prom Guide: Who would be the best band or artist for you and your classmates at your Prom?
Erin Muschette: Kanye West, Alicia Keys.

Prom Guide: Graduation is upon you, do you have plans for college or work?
Erin Muschette: Yes I want to go to Harvard University and study psychology.

Prom Guide: If you had a time-machine and could teleport to the future 20 years, imagine and describe what you’re doing.
Erin Muschette: I would be married with children, and I would own my own psychology practice.


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