Flawless Babe Boutique

Kayla Trubey, Flawless Babe Boutique, NYFW Pageant Runway, USA National Miss
Kayla Trubey, Flawless Babe Boutique

Kayla Trubey, owner of the Flawless Babe Boutique, an online store and pop-up shop that opened in 2018, debuted her 1970s retro inspired fashions on the catwalk at NYFW Pageant Runway at the Roosevelt Hotel in New York City.  The show was hosted by USA National Miss Scholarship Pageant (UNM) and the Society Fashion Week.

Casual 70’s retro fashion was a clear and bold departure from the evening wear lines presented by other designers at the show, except for a rainbow inspired, one-sleeved, sequined mini-dress, a fringed, strapless mini-dress, and a two-piece, shimmery, striped pant suit.

Some of the pageant systems and titles that walked for Flawless Babe Boutique were:

USA National Miss Sun Coast Preteen 2018
USA National Miss Florida Teen 2018
USA National Miss Golden State Teen 2018
USA National Miss West Virginia Teen 2018
Miss Teen Universe United States
Miss Sunburst
USA National Miss Arizona Preteen 2018
USA National Miss Virginia Teen 2018
USA National Miss Maryland Jr. Teen 2017
USA National Miss Virginia Teen 2018

View the entire NYFW Pageant Runway show.


  1. She has definitely worked so hard to get to where she is today. She has a lot of talent and is an inspiration for others. Her 70’s inspired collections look gorgeous!

  2. wow, congratulations to Kayla pursuing your dreams is something so important to be successful. I love retro style so definitely checking her store and clothes. I bet that runway was a great event. Always nice to read about inspiring stories about successful women.


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