Johnathan Kayne - NYFW Pageant Runway - USA National Miss - 2018
Johnathan Kayne Photo: Lisa Ramsay

Johnathan Kayne

Noted evening wear designer Johnathan Kayne, also known for his appearances as a contestant on the third season of the Bravo reality series Project Runway, showcased highlights from his Spring 2019 Collection at the NYFW Pageant Runway presented by USA National Miss Scholarship Pageant (UNM) and the Society Fashion Week at the Roosevelt Hotel in New York City.

Models represented twenty pageant systems.  Some of the pageant systems and titleholders represented were:

Miss America Teen 2018 – Miss Shawnee’s Outstanding Teen
Miss Massachussets Teen
Miss Ohio River Teen USA
Miss Florida
Miss Virginia
Miss Eco Missouri
USA National Miss North Carolina 2018
Miss USA National Teen

View the entire NYFW Pageant Runway show.


  1. After a month or two of not surfing the web (I know), I am back. I have always been a fan of your blog and wonderful gown collection. It’s great to read your blog again and as always thanks for sharing.

  2. I never experience the prom, thats why i feel always excited seeing many prom dresses. They look magical!

  3. from the highlight reel i liked the earlier looks in white better than the rest of the outfits. im not sure what i didnt like about the other ones, but maybe from the looks of it the first ones seemed more comfortable

  4. I really didn’t know who was johnathan kayne. Until I have readed your lovely article. I really do love his dress and his designed too.

  5. I’ve never seen this designer before, but I really like what he does. Some of the dresses are a little too “adult” for use in a prom, in my opinion. But they are all lovely.


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