Jaelynn Holtz in Panoply at USA National Miss Nationals in Orlando, Florida

Jaelynn Holtz, USA National Miss Ohio 2018, in Panoply dress.

Jaelynn Holtz, USA National Miss Ohio 2018 delegate competed for the national title in a gown by Panoply.

Jaelynn Holtz in Panoply dress - USA National Miss Ohio
Jaelynn Holtz, USA National Miss Ohio 2018

Holtz wore the gown in black, a stunner from Panoply’s Spring 2018 collection.  The velvet gown features a strapless, deep v, sweetheart neckline with a beaded bodice.  Holtz choose not to detach the removeable sheer overskirt adorned with red, 3D floral detailing.

Holtz’s gown was every bit of regal.  Yet, like so many of the delegates, Holtz did not miss the opportunity to flail the Panoply overskirt while parading down the runway.


  1. That gown is absolutely stunning! The colors, the overall aesthetics, the softness and elegance – it’s breathtaking.

  2. Miss Ohio is a stunner! The lovely gown by Panoply was a perfect fit for her. She looked like a modern day princess! I love the beaded bodice and the red flower accents too.

  3. Beautiful gown. It is very figure flattering and I love the 3D floral detailing. I agree that it is very regal looking and Miss Ohio was the perfect woman to wear this gown.

  4. Oh wow I do love the dress. I would have prefered a more sophisticated hairstyle though. I feel this doesn’t really match?!

  5. What a beautiful gown! I never went to prom so I did not get to dress up like this, but I can’t wait to dress up my daughter for dances. I did not know this blog existed and it’s such a wealth of information. I will be bookmarking for future visits.


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