Jr. Princess Finals Highlight Looks

Junior Princess Trending Looks from the USA National Miss Pageant Nationals held in Orlando, Florida, July 2018

The overwhelming fashion trend among USA National Miss Jr. Princess delegates was the overskirt.  Short overskirts, long overskirts, and overskirts with trains was the ultimate choice for these Jr. Princesses.

Brylee Nichols, District of Columbia
Mia Simpkins, Kentucky
Sophia Garner, Southeast
Analyse Wright, North Carolina
Maleah Vejerano, West Virginia
Brielle Skye, Florida
Kate Gooden, Tennessee
Liliana Brake, Southern States
Emory Cooler, South Carolina
Mila Lucas, Pennsylvania
Brylea Newman, New England


  1. Those are some pretty wild and ornate dresses for the junior category. I know my daughter loves to dress a certain way but I’m not sure she would be this kind of fancy. She has always been more hip than fancy.

  2. The overskirt is a very interesting trend, especially when it comes to children, who do play a lot. I wonder how comfortable they are and how ease of movement they provide.

  3. These little princesses are so cute and adorable. Their outfit are so beautiful and it really looks good with them.

  4. They all look super adorable. I don’t have kids but whenever I have one..I would love to have a daughter and buy here these overskirts….thank you sharing it.


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