Caught Twinning at NYFW Pageant Runway

Caught Twinning: USA National Miss Sun Coast Preteen and Ashley Lauren, designer of ASHLEYlauren

Did anyone notice the twinning at the NYFW Pageant Runway show?

Georgina Paez, USA National Miss Sun Coast Preteen 2018, and Ashley Lauren, the designer behind ASHLEYlauren, both walked the runway at the NYFW Pageant Runway in New York City.

While both Paez and Lauren donned black pants, black top, and a fuchsia blazer, they both twinned in age appropriate fashion.  Lauren’s latex-like pants, paired with a form-fitted top, and pink velvet tailored jacket, was topped off with a Chanel lucite necklace.  Paez, was in head-to-toe Flawless Babe Boutique.  Her look came together with a mock turtleneck, bell bottoms, and a circa 1985 Madonna inspired blazer according to the Kayla Watson Trubey’s Flawless Babe Boutique website.


  1. They can really pull off that look amazingly!! I wish I could pull off the fuchsia blazer but I don’t think I can!

  2. I am loving the bell bottoms that Paez is wearing, but I am not crazy about the fit of her blazer. All in all though, I love the fuschia blazer with black look.


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