Positive Pageantry Award Winners 2018

Positive Pageantry Award Winners 2018

Positive Pageantry, the little sister of the USA National Miss Pageant, just announced the Positive Pageantry Award Winners 2018.  Winners were chosen from twelve finalists in six categories across numerous pageant systems with an over whelming number of them being from the USA National Miss Pageant System.  This was outlined in “Positive Pageantry:  How Positive is it Really“.  Thirty three percent of titleholders in four categories and twenty-five from one, were from USA National Miss.  The only category exempt was the Mrs. for which USA National Miss has no category was the Mrs. category.

While the chances for a USA National Miss titleholder to win was increased in almost every category, just one USA National Miss titleholder won in any category.  This is seemingly great news for titleholders of other pageant systems but does not negate the privilege that USA National Miss titleholders received in the finalist selection round.

A winner was announced in a new category for which there was no finalist selection, Influencer of the Year.  A special award was given posthumously to Kre Wehunt, former MOAT titleholder.  And, two winners, instead of one, were selected in the Most Impactful Personal Platform category.

Nevertheless, all the winners and finalists are deserving for their great work.  Here are the winners:

Influencer of the Year, Rachel Barcellona, NAM Miss Florida
Most Inspiring Miss, Kaitlyn Kennedy, UNM Miss Manhattan
Most Impactful Personal Platform, Giavanna Lyerly, Miss SC Galaxy
Most Impactful Personal Platform, Riley Wright, Miss Telfair County Teen USA
Most Inspiring Teen, Shayla Jackson, Miss High School America
Most Inspiring Preteen, Rylee Howerton, IUM NJ Preteen
Most Inspiring Mrs., Leticia Lambert, WV American Woman of Service
Most Inspiring Princess, Addison Barne, Miss Moore County NC


  1. I applaud these ladies joining the pageantry. Geez it is also one of the stressful activity! But can’t help to love the glamorous though.

  2. Goodness, I never knew it could be this hard to participate in pageants. I used to help my high school bff join pageants but she just seemed too cool about the whole deal. Congratulations to the winners.

  3. This looks amazing, I enjoy how you always write so positively and with such passion about each and every pageant, and it’s inspiring how many women dedicate themselves for this

  4. Congrats to everyone that won! I am sure that they all worked very hard to accomplish this and move on to the harder rounds. Also, congrats to everyone who was brave enough to compete. It is so hard to try your hardest and not make it.

  5. Hello,
    Thank you for sharing this! I know a lot of hard work goes into pageants. I also know that there can be a negative side, but thanks for sharing the positive side. I always said if I ever have a daughter I would love to put her in pageants.


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