Top 12 Most Inspiring Teen

Positive Pageantry just announced its inaugural Top 12 Most Inspiring Teen finalists for 2018.  Congratulations to them all.

Here’s the list:

Shayla Jackson, Miss High School America

Julianna Corsi, USA National Teen

Gianna Stoots, Miss Next Level Ambassador

Hannah Stark, America’s National Miss GA

Aubrey Diefenbach, RIM Rock Mountain Jr. Teen

Lillie Mahan, USA National Miss New England Teen

Khiana Provido International United Miss Arizona

Avery Randall, IJM International Jr. Teen

Naia Torres, USA National Jr. Teen

Damacia Howard, Miss GA High School

Taylor Hughes, Miss SC United States

Riley Wright, Miss Telfair County Teen USa


  1. I’m not familiar with the pagaent lifestyle, having only heard stories from one in-law. I often wonder for titles like this what is considered inspirational.


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