Beauty Tips for Prom Nite Glam

Here are 5 beauty tips for prom nite glam:

Lip Appeal: Thick, dark lip lines are out!! For sensuous lips, edge the natural rim of your lips with lipstick pencil that’s only slightly darker than the shade of the lipstick you’re going to use. Then blend your lipstick softly to the lip line – don’t leave that hard line showing — and add a little gloss for extra drama!

Sharpen the Brows: Get your eyebrows neatly waxed at least a day before the big event. Sometimes waxing makes the skin red and puffy, so allow a day’s rest so any irritation will subside.

Nail It: Don’t be caught dead with stubby nails or chipped polish. Whether you wear you own, acrylics or silk wrap, make sure the manicure is tight for prom night.

Dynamic Duo: Whether your prom date is really yours or just yours for the night, make a “We’re Together” statement by coordinating colors so you compliment one another. Match cummerbunds, vest, bow ties, handbags, etc.

Attitude Adjustment: Nothing can ruin the perfect look like the wrong attitude. After spending time and money to get your look just right, make sure you have a smile, body language and presence to give your look the magical finishing touch.


  1. These are all great tips, especially the one of doing your eyebrows the day before. I made the mistake once to do it on the same day, never doing that again! 🙂


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