Beyoncé, Bey, Mrs. Carter — call her what you will, but say it with respect. She’s been dominating the music scene for two decades and she only gets hotter. Aside from having crazy talent, Bey has swag.

From her original Destiny’s Child style to her present day look, when Beyoncé hits the stage, she comes hard with a look that’s part sultry, part bold – and always laced with a touch of elegance. That’s what defines Sasha Fierce – a strong, independent woman who knows who she is and what she wants.

Beyoncé didn’t go to her own prom, but if she were styling Sasha for one, she’d do it with a form-fitting dress that shows off her incredible curves. It would probably be a gown. We all know Bey loves drama – and we’re betting it would be a rich jewel tone – maybe royal blue.


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