Prom Fashion

Last year’s prom dress is just not okay by today’s prom fashion standards. It may look great and even feel right on you but you really should shop around a bit before you buy it. This year’s prom fashions are usually introduced in January every year and you might just find that perfect prom dress among the many new choices that will be available to you. Prom fashions change each year. Sometimes the “in” style is long and sleek and sometimes it’s short and sassy.  Prom Guide brings you fashion straight from the NYFW Pageant Runway and pre-season fashion shows so you can plan your prom fashion buys and find a local prom vendor.

Of course, sometimes buying a new style dress is cost prohibitive so you can look at the prom fashions of yesteryear to come up with something that might match the styles of today. The great thing about fashion is that it often comes around in a circle every few years or so. If you can’t afford some of the newer designer dresses you can always ask local prom vendor if they have anything in stock from an old line that would look good this year.

For those of you shopping new, here’s a good tip: Browse the latest prom and pageant looks from the best designers out there. The latest looks from Johnathan Kayne, ASHLEYLauren, Jovani, Sherri Hill, Mac Duggal, and more can be found on Prom Guide.  Read reviews, rate stores, and find a local vendor here.

Being up on today’s prom fashion is something that others will notice when you walk into the hall on prom night. If you want to make a great first impression, buy the latest prom dress from the finest prom designer in the industry. You can decide for yourself who you think that is. Remember that all of the other girls in your class are looking at the same time so you might want to go to a boutique or salon that has a dress registry which will prevent others from same dress as you are.

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Purple Prom Dresses The color purple in past centuries was considered a mark of imperial majesty, the raiment of royalty. Kings, queens, emperors and empresses wore purple robes brocaded with gold trim and complemented by jeweled crowns, amulets, and scepters of power. Today, some girls choose to wear purple prom dresses over white prom dresses and turn heads when they...
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