Short Prom Dresses! The most important night of your high school life is just a few months away and you need to go shopping for a short prom dress. The new lines by Jovani, Terani, Alyce Paris, Joli and Jianini dresses are out right now and waiting for you to come and select them before any of your classmates do. What exactly are you looking for this year? Will it be the classic long, flowing evening gown or perhaps the black or yellow sexy short formal dresses they say will be in style this spring?

The limo, the hairstyle, the tuxedo your date wears and even the shoes you have on all become secondary when you put on the dress. Whether you choose long and elegant or short and sassy, you’ll never forget what you wear on prom night and neither will anyone else. The photos will be on display from now until your own children experience their own prom nights. Even then, there will be someone in the family that shows your photos to someone.

If you’re having a hard time choosing what exactly to wear, think about the time of year prom will be held and what you can expect the weather to be like. If you’re in Southern California or Florida you might need to go with a short formal dress if you want to be comfortable. The northeast, north Pacific, or Great Lakes region can be a little more forgiving. You might actually see a cool evening if your prom is held in May. Choose carefully. Everyone will be watching, not just on prom night but whenever those family photo albums come out on display.

Short! Short! Short! Sexy Short Prom Dresses

Have fun looking for that sexy short prom dress! We feature all the short dresses that will allow you to show off your cute legs. There are short dresses that are white, black, tight, pink, red, yellow, dresses, poofy, halter dresses, puffy, bubble, strapless, mini, plus size, purple, semi formal, cheap and formal. You will also find designer short dresses Jovani, Alyce, Terani, Joli, Jianini and many others. Let us not forget the short green dress, the short gold dress, the short blue dress, the short fancy dress, the hot short dress, the elegant short dress, the short strapless dress, the short dressy dresses, the short sleeve black dress, the short blue dress, the short orange dress, the short silver dress and the celebrity short dress. Take the time to shop and carefully choose the prom dress that will best work for you.


  1. I haven’t experienced prom that’s why i am always excited when friends let me help them for their prom nights. I love choosing dresses for them.

  2. With tons of school hopping before, I never really experienced prom. If I’d had a choice of what type of dress though, I’d go for a short prom dress most likely cause I’m short and I feel a long one would make me look and feel shorter.

  3. In our country, I don’t think there is a concept for Prom. But I did seen few scenes where girls wear long dresses and boys wear tuxedos. I think that is a great concept but sometimes hollywood shows me wrong, right? But dresses and tuxedos do look amazing. Just want to ask is Prom something related to Homecoming?

  4. My oldest wore a full-length gown. My youngest is only 4 so we have a way to go but my wife and I will strongly encourage a full-length gown. She loves dresses so hopefully, it won’t be a problem.


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