White Prom Dresses

White prom dresses are classic. If you’re planning on wearing one of the many white prom dresses put out this year by top prom dress designers, you’ll want to pay close attention to some fashion rules. White is designed to stand out. You can enhance it with jewelry and a great prom hairstyle like a hair bun but white is supposed to make a statement all by itself. Overdoing it will ruin the image and destroy the look that you’re going for.

It takes a brave girl to wear a white prom dress. There are so many things that can go wrong on prom night from spilling something on it to brushing up against something dirty. When you sit, if you’re wearing a long prom gown, any dirt you pick up from the floor will show on white. Stains, the enemy of any light colored clothing, can make your night miserable. Are you brave enough to face all that and overcome if something goes wrong?

Of course you are. Spend a little time and get glam before prom night. Then go see a stylist and get a prom updo to show off that neckline. Pearls might help with that too, they never go out of style. If you’re worried about the floor dirt buy a short white prom dress. They’re in style this year. Have no fear. Do the white look with style and have your date wear a colored prom tuxedo. Prom night is all about looking good and having fun so don’t get caught up in what can go wrong. Focus on what will go right.


  1. White dresses are lovely, however, I am so clumsy that I would never dare to wear one. I admire women who do though, it does take guts to wear one for prom.

  2. White dresses are so classic! I would have never thought about wearing them to prom, but that would be so perfect and summery.


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