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View and locate all the new prom dresses. We have hundreds of short, long, ball gown and every prom dress imaginable. You will find vintage, gothic, cute, celebrity, cheap plus size, elegant, under $200, lime green, punk, long, strapless, cinderella, poofy, couture, turquoise, backless, princess and mermaid. The designer gowns featured include Blush PromTeraniAlycePanoplyNight Moves, and many more. Most importantly, this site will also indentify local prom dress stores which carry the dresses of your choice. Don’t have much time? Just tell us what you want through the Ask Prom Guide link and local dress shops will answer your questions by email.

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Miss Eco Missouri
Red Prom Dresses Something about wearing red just puts a girl in that playful and somewhat dangerous mood that makes her prom date either really uncomfortable or ready to have the best night of his life. The right red dress, particularly if it’s a red prom dress, will keep him off balance all night and allow you to call the...
Sonny Gentzel Spring 2019 Prom Pageant Dresses
Purple Prom Dresses The color purple in past centuries was considered a mark of imperial majesty, the raiment of royalty. Kings, queens, emperors and empresses wore purple robes brocaded with gold trim and complemented by jeweled crowns, amulets, and scepters of power. Today, some girls choose to wear purple prom dresses over white prom dresses and turn heads when they...
White Prom Dresses - Prom Guide
White Prom Dresses White prom dresses are classic. If you’re planning on wearing one of the many white prom dresses put out this year by top prom dress designers, you’ll want to pay close attention to some fashion rules. White is designed to stand out. You can enhance it with jewelry and a great prom hairstyle like a hair bun...