Are you working the Prom Venue Budget Calculator and coming up short? Here are some slightly unconventional prom dollars sources that you and your prom committee might want to consider. Think about prom fundraising through advertisement in your prom program, fundraising from prom night exhibitors and vendors and or fundraising through sale of items on Prom Night.


Fundraising through Advertisements in Your Prom Program 
Selling advertisement in your prom program can help offset prom costs. When you sell yearbook advertisements, come up with prices for program advertisements and sell them as an add-on to the yearbook advertisement. You can even give a slight discount if businesses advertise in both. Don’t forget to solicit families to include congratulatory messages to seniors.

Fundraising from Prom Night Exhibitors and Vendors 
Just because you are at the prom doesn’t mean you have to stop selling. Ask your prom photographer if they can create a special prom fundraising package where for every package purchased, a certain percentage or dollar amount goes to your class. You may also find local businesses who want to get a message or product to teens and exhibit for a small fee. Have the prom DJ create a special mix tape or CD of the music played that night as a special memento. Do not forget to tack on a dollar or two to go towards fundraising.

Fundraising through Sale of Items on Prom Night
Enlist you class adviser or adult volunteer to man a table selling a special prom souvenir that is not included in prom ticket price. You can also sell items that teens might forget or need during the course of prom night like breath mints, lip gloss, panty hose, perfume, etc. Be sure to speak with the prom site and get permission before doing this prom fundraiser. Whichever prom fundraising you decide on make it fun and you will sure to raise lot of prom dollars.


  1. We don’t have prom here in Japan and I don’t have to worry about this kind of dance as I am a preschool teacher. But, this is nice info for those are planning for one!

  2. Contacting any local business with products for teens is a great idea as this is mutually beneficial. This can be a really good experience for students to see the business side of things and learn a valuable lesson.

  3. Prom for me became such an important thing, I even was saving with my parents! I was able to get my fashion design teacher to design my dress for me and was able to share a limo with friends! Now my niece was able to get her and her date free prom tickets for selling online merchandise. Thank you for this post, I will share this with family who has seniors in school!


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