Prom Beauty Style Tips

Five quick tips for the prom beauty and style.

Prom Beauty and Style Tips For Prom Night Perfection!

Here are five quick tips for the prom beauty and style that will lead to prom night perfection. It will take prom planning, finding your prom style, the match factor and keeping a peace of mind. Prom Guide will hold your hands as we take you through these five steps to prom night perfection. If you need personal advice from a prom beauty and style expert let us know in the comments below.

1.  Be Prepared by Planning

The number one reason girls lose it on prom day is because they are unprepared. Their stockings have a run. The corsage snagged the prom dress. The hair won’t act right. All of these things are usually minor annoyances except when it’s prom night. Then they become catastrophes because the limo driver is at the door. How do you avoid them? Planning.

Force yourself to make a plan of what you will need to get ready that night. Include everything from the type of underwear and deodorant, to bobby pins, hairspray and your phone. Get everything you’re going to need at least two days in advance, and to be safe, get extras.

Iron and stage your outfit on a hanger and cover it with plastic or a garment bag to protect it from getting dirty. Padded, shaped, suit hangers are perfect for sheer fabrics. Leave your outfit hanging away from other clothes, coats or heavy garments that may wrinkle it. Always use fabric support straps or loops; these straps help to distribute the fabric weight and minimize the distortion of the garment.

2.  Know Your Style

Prom Dress by La Femme
Prom Dress by La Femme

If you want to stand out from the crowd that’s fine, but don’t be so outrageous that you end up in one of those proms-gone-bad memes with a caption that reads ”hot mess.” If you are looking for something that will turn heads, look at recent red carpet trends, and select fashion ideas that reflect your own personal style; do you – don’t be a wannabe.

The one-shoulder style is hot in gowns. So are fabrics with bold clusters of jewels and bold colors like purples, reds, blues, and greens. And don’t forget animal prints – they’re really hot this year. Take a friend and try on these different colors and patterns in different types of lighting so you get the one that looks best on your skin type.  A common mistake with creating a glamorous look is thinking that more is better. Not true. Pick one or two places where you want to make a bold style statement and make everything revolve around it. Wearing big sparkly earrings, a blinging necklace and a tiara is too much. No one will see you through all that shine. Lose one of them and step up your look.

3.  Wear a Great Scent

When you’re planning your look, don’t forget to plan your fashion scent because it’s a big part of your effect. Since you’ll be touching up your hair, text

Prom Perfume Fragrance
Prom Perfume Fragrance

messaging two friends and yelling at your little sister all at the same time, expect to get a little sweaty before the limo arrives. To keep from starting on a sour note, stay in your robe while you do your make up and hair, and just before you’re ready to go, jump back in the shower for a cool water rinse from the neck down. Blot dry and spray on your perfume while your pores are open. Apply the fragrance to all of your pulse points where it will stay warmer longer: behind your ears, at the nape of your neck, on the inside of your elbow and cleavage, on your wrists.

4.  Coordinate with Your Look with your Date

Tuxedo by Tip Top Tux
Tuxedo by Tip Top Tux

Coordinating your look with your date can be the perfect way to make your statement as a couple. He should take the primary or accent color in your prom dress and match his accessories— cummerbund, vest, tie, hat, boutonniere (that’s his flower, silly!). If you’re wearing a yellow prom dress, don’t make your date buy a yellow prom tux. For one thing, he’ll look like Big Bird. But more important, it will draw attention away from you. On prom night, you’re the star. Have him get a prom tux in traditional men’s colors so he doesn’t block your light.

5.  Be Mindful of Your Time.

Make sure you go over the game plan for the night with your date and anyone else who’s going in the limo with you. Everyone should know what time they are being picked up (dropped off, too), and where you’re going to take your pictures. Don’t ruin your relaxed state of mind by rushing yourself to get dressed. Use your pickup time to plan backwards to figure out what time you should start getting yourself ready. Allow yourself time in between to have a light snack, to chat with your mother, and snap a picture or two. When you have your prom plan in place, you step out for the night beautiful, relaxed and in charge. Have a great night.


  1. Ahhh, remembering my prom night! This list would have been my guiding light years back. Am sure this would be very helpful to the ones in need. Thanks for sharing though.

    • Oh wow, for some it can be stressful! An eyelash can set it off! We’ll look to add information for eyelashes! Thank you. Jenn

  2. Great tips! It’s been a while since I went to prom but I agree about planning. I winged some parts of the prom (well, the limo was the winged part) but I planned most of mine.

  3. Great post, I will surley share your post with friends who’s baby girl is getting ready for prom, although it isn’t the same as the American version of it,i t’s still a night out and you must be immaculate.

  4. Great tips! I have some friends with kids who are getting ready for this next year – I will be sure to share your post with them 🙂 They will find it very useful!


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