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Senior year begins in September and you are faced with that all important decision that you have to make.  I’m not talking about what college you should go to or whether or not you should enter the military after high school. This is about your prom date. The big event is just nine months away and you need to make some decisions right now. You don’t want to end up with the wrong guy or girl on prom night.

Are you already dating someone? Ask yourself if this is the person that you want to be on your arm when you enter the hall on prom night. Is he or she the prom date that you will remember with a smile years from now? If you’re not sure, try using this list:

1) Do you feel comfortable with this person in public? You want to feel proud when you walk in the door with your prom date, not be embarrassed by how he or she looks or what they might do in a group setting.

2) Do you get along okay or are you fighting all the time? Chances are, if you’re fighting in September the relationship will be over before prom anyway. End it now. You have nine months to find a new prom date.

3) Are you going in the same direction? This may sound superficial, but if you’re motivated and going forward in life you don’t want to go to prom with someone who goes home and plays video games every day instead of getting a job. Your prom date will have to cover half the cost on prom night and it can be pretty expensive. (Exception: Prom date who is spoiled by rich parents).


  1. This is some really great advice and thoughts when it comes to prom. I remember mine – my dress bottom ripped because we were dancing so hard. Fun times!

  2. Prom is one of the highlights of my school years. I love reminiscing the good times with my prom date and my close friends. My niece would love read this so she will have an idea what to expect on her prom night.

  3. I honestly hadn’t thought about any of these things when thinking of a prom date. I wish I had. I didn’t feel comfortable with the person I was with. But my husband took me to the prom as an adult, which I did enjoy.

  4. I had my best pal as my prom date! It was a fun moments, dressing up and dancing all night before our clock tick at midnight.

  5. I am india and schools here don’t have the concept of Prom Night. They have this Annual Day Celebration where kids takes part in different activities and carnivals. But slowly I am seeing Prom Night is taking over, and personally I don’t think its a good idea.

  6. There seems to be so much pressure when it comes to Prom night. We have the debs here and my advice to the kids is if you don’t want to go just don’t do it or go with a group of friends. At this age, they are too young to be making those kinds of decisions that may scar them for life.

  7. This is such a fun, interesting and informative post! Choosing who your prom date is hard if you don’t have someone in mind. It’s easy if you are dating someone, or if you have a close friend. This will surely help those students. Thanks for the share 🙂

  8. I think this advice is so important even for adults going to a work event or holiday party. I ruined a huge company event (just for myself, not ruined the whole thing) because I took someone who fell into all of the categories listed above. If someone can learn this in high school it will set them up better for the real world. Great advice!!

  9. I have one daughter that has gone through this phase of life and thankfully was grounded enough to handle it well. I have two more to go but they are still a way off. Good advice (even for adults)

  10. My son is in high school but doesn’t go to prom. He has autism, and prom has too many people there, so he refuses. My daughter will probably go when she’s in high school though! I just went with friends the first time and had a blast!


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