Checklist for Prom

There's only one senior prom--once a year and once a lifetime.  To ensure that your prom experience is everything it should be and more, we've put together a Prom Guide Checklist.

Prom Checklist

Use this checklist to make sure that no prom-related task goes undone.  Remember the seven P’s, Proper Prom Planning Promotes Priceless Prom Pleasures.

16 Weeks

  • Grab a couple of copies of Prom Guide Magazine
  • Build your Glam Squad*
  • Give a copy of Prom Guide to each member of your Glam Squad including your date
  • Find out how much $$$ each Glam Squad member will contribute
  • Draft your prom budget with’s prom calculator
  • Begin targeting prom vendors in your area by visiting
  • Consider forming a group and renting a prom limo to take advantage of early discounts

*Glam Squad is made up of anyone contributing to the planning or financial obligations of your Prom.

12 Weeks

  • Decide on accessories that will compliment your dress
  • Experiment with hair, makeup and nails to find the perfect look
  • Choose your final look with the help of your Glam Squad

6 Weeks

  • Purchase your prom tickets
  • Make plans for pre-prom and after prom activities
  • Guys get fitted for tuxedos; ladies get fitted for prom dresses
  • Check with date to make sure dress and tux coordinate

4 Weeks

  • Purchase and pick up your prom dress
  • Break in your prom shoes
  • Make appointments to have your hair, makeup and nails done
  • Select photographer or designate Glam Squad member

2 Weeks

  • Call and confirm all reservations and appointments
  • Put together your Prom Survival Kit:  camera, film, clear nail polish, extra pantyhose, cell phone, change, cash, student ID, tickets, etc.
  • Introduce your Prom date to your parents
  • Get extra rest to prepare for Prom festivities

Prom Day

  • Pick up your date’s boutonniere or corsage
  • Go to your hair, nails and makeup appointment(s)


  1. Not only are they disorganized and disappointed with so many prom dress choices but my girls are having a hard time figuring out how to get everything they need for prom. This is a tremendous help!

  2. This year my favorite prom website “Prom Guide”, will help me navigate my first prom as a junior. The checklist for prom is a must.

  3. This should be sent to all of the parents of prom students! Get your things figured out, STAT! I’m thankful we have boys in the fact that they are a little easier. But I definitely feel like we miss out on the true excitement of prom. I’ll have to share this with the other moms in our community.

  4. Wow this is such a thorough and resourceful checklist for prom! It’s definitely the best I’ve found so far for my friend’s daughter (who is like my own). Anyway thank you very much for putting all of this together!!!

  5. Prom will be my great memory of my high school days. Once I have gone to prom, I will really miss it. Prom is pretty much exciting especially to all of students!

  6. Prom is something I expect to remember 40 years from now. There is so much that goes into making a memorable prom that our school is always looking for ways to make sure that all students can attend.


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