Prom Themes – Ordinary Proms Won’t Do

Have your prom in a tropical paradise, fairy tale, hip-hop club or outer space using prom themes!  The theme you choose can be used when planning entertainment, decor, food, and souvenirs.  Last year, I helped select and plan a Mardi Gras themed prom for one of the larges high schools in Long Island, New York with nearly 800 students attending at the prom venue.  It was a tremendous success and students, parents, and teachers are still raving about it.  I want your prom to be just as fabulous, so I’m sharing 7 of my most prized professional prom planning tips with you.Prom Themes - Mardi Gras Mask

1. Choose a Theme

If you are new to prom themes, choose a simple, easy one to execute.  Brainstorm with your prom committee to come up with ideas.

2. Draft Design plans

Once the prom theme is determined, the decorating sub-committee should measure the area where the prom will be held.  If it is in a banquet hall, you may request a floor plan along with room dimensions.  Then, present the design plans to the rest of the committee.

3. Find Local Merchants

Research you local neighborhood for merchants willing to donate themed items.  At the same time, price items in online catalogs such as Anderson’s or Stumps Party.

4. Get Ready to Build

If items are to built by volunteers or committee members, schedule dates to meet in the cafeteria or other location to work on creating your prom theme.

5. Include Food

The catering sub-committee should research past banquet halls, caterers or local restaurants to find food that can be incorporated in your theme.  For example, using a Mardi Gras theme, you could create a “Blues Cafe” and serve food reminiscent of New Orleans.

Prom Themes - Mardi Gras Food

6. Fantastic Favors

The student protocol sub-committee is in charge of favors.  In addition to traditional favors such as long-stemmed glasses, include a themed favor such as a Mardi Gras mask to compliment a Mardi Gras theme.

7. Get Help

Implementing a themed prom can present an added challenge that some prom committees, teachers, and staff find overwhelming and time consuming.  When Long Island’s larges high school approached me to help them with their prom, teachers were overwhelmed with both teaching full-time and helping coordinate the prom while students were busy with other activities.  At the same time, they wanted to increase the caliber and lasting memory that the prom would have on all those attending.

Why Use an Event Planner

If you or your committee feels challenged, consider a professional event planner experienced in prom planning.  The first thing you should do is schedule interviews and solicit preliminary proposals.  Make sure [vendors] are professional and can meet your budget.  Event planners are useful for a number of reasons:

  • They are experts in creativity.
  • They have the ability to purchase themed items at very reasonable costs.
  • Entertainers and vendors are at their beck and call.
  • They can work within your budget.

Think an event planner is beyond your budget?  By increasing the cost of a prom ticket by up to five dollars, most fees for an event planner can be covered.  You can also save money in other areas by utilizing the planner’s expertise to buy wholesale, negotiate with caterers, and to help make better use of the resources available to the prom committee.

With the expertise of a professional planner, your prom will truly be a memorable and outstanding event.  Your prom committee will save time, money, and ensure the delight of all those who attend your prom.


  1. No more boring and simple prom nights. It is a right of passage so it should be worth all the preparation and costs 🙂

  2. Really helpful tips. When I was teaching, I used to make a lot of planning for prom and it entails a lot of effort to come up with a really creative idea! It’s a special occasion that needs to be really memorable.

  3. I neer got to experience a prom (it wasn’t really a thing when I was in school here in N Ireland) Jealous at all of the options people can have now though!

  4. I wish i had these ideas when i organized my event back in school. But this surely helps any event organiser not necessarily be a prom

  5. This looks like fun, and it gives people a thing do to, especially if they didn’t go to prom, or are just looking for a party theme.

  6. Next Halloween party theme! This is a great idea. I love it. I had prom in school but it was not a great night. This would be perfect for those that never went to prom, or also had bad experiences at prom.


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