Prom Venue Checklist

Prom Venue Checklist is the proper planning tool that promotes priceless prom pleasures.
Planning the prom can be exciting and challenging! From the prom venue to creating the prom tickets, from arranging prom seating to choosing the prom DJ, the Prom Venue Checklist below will help you make sense of the many deadlines you will face as you approach the planning of your prom. Use it to make sure that no prom related task goes undone.
Remember the 6 P’s, Proper Prom Planning Promotes Priceless Prom Pleasures. This checklist can be used to organize, schedule, keep track of tasks, and save time. It would be helpful to delegate certain prom tasks to each prom committee member. This way, they can keep track of their individual prom tasks using their copy of this Prom Venue Checklist. It will help you and your prom committee to plan your perfect prom.

6 to 12 months before the prom

  • Organize prom committee
  • Use Prom Guide’s online prom venue budget calculator
  • Decide theme of prom
  • Select and reserve prom venue
  • Select Prom Caterer
  • Set the prom date
  • Choose time the prom will begin
  • Select Prom DJ/Band
  • Select prom florist
  • Select prom photographer
  • Decide the prom color scheme
  • Start publicizing the prom with announcements, flyers, etc.

3 Months before the prom

  • Continue publicizing prom
  • Review your prom venue budget
  • Select and order prom tickets
  • Begin prom ticket sales
  • Order prom programs
  • Finalize prom site arrangements
  • Confirm time and date with prom florist
  • Confirm time and date with prom photographer
  • Confirm time and date with prom DJ/Band

2 Months before the prom

  • Continue publicizing prom
  • Review your prom site budget
  • Distribute prom tickets

1 Month before the prom

  • Continue publicizing prom
  • Review your prom budget
  • Plan prom court (King and Queen) rehearsal
  • Purchase prom souvenirs
  • Purchase prom awards, prom gifts, etc.
  • Obtain prom theme kit, prom decorations, etc.

2 Weeks before the prom

  • Finalize number of guests with prom venue and/or prom caterer
  • Double check professional services (prom florist, prom photographer, Prom DJ/Band, etc)
  • Plan prom seating arrangements
  • Confirm prom picture packages with photographer
  • Make sure all prom programs, prom souvenirs, prom awards and prom gift have arrived

On the day before the prom

  • Have the prom coordinator arrive early to prom venue
  • Ensure that you have contact information for all professional prom services
  • Have the prom photographer arrive 1- hours before prom starts
  • Have the Prom DJ/Band arrive at least 2 hours before the prom starts

Enjoy your prom!


  1. I’m loving this step-by-step guide in scheduling and prioritizing things needed for prom. This can actually be tweaked for any kind of parties such as debuts 18/21yo – which is grandly known here in our country.

  2. I can’t imagine all of the hard work that goes into planning a prom. I am sure your checklist will come in handy with other who are planning a prom or a similar event.

  3. This is a great tool for when time comes. Also makes me a little nervous as I have never been to prom myself and had NO idea there is such a thing as prom hosting… 🙂

  4. What a fantastic list! Although I probably won’t ever have to use this resource, I think what you have done here is just brilliant, and I will definitely share this post with some friends.


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