Prom Venue Ideas

Prom Venue Ideas

Using the high school gymnasium for a high school prom may have been okay back in the last century, but today you really need to step it up a notch. You could use some prom venue ideas. New and exciting prom venues bring in more students and offer a wider range of after-prom activities. Prom venues located away from the high school are generally considered safer and more attractive to the school administrators. Besides, who wants to go back to school to celebrate the end of school?

Hotels have become the most popular of all high school prom venues. A hotel offers many of the things that you need for a prom, including a ballroom, catered food, and room blocks if students want to stay overnight. This was unheard of just a few decades ago but parents and teachers have seen the benefit of having their kids stay all night at the prom venue and not travel out into a potentially dangerous situation. Teachers often set themselves up as chaperones and heavily police the rooms to discourage inappropriate activity.

Country clubs offer many of the amenities a hotel offers with the added advantages of being away from the city and typically having a better parking situation for the large number of limousines that will be transporting couples to the prom. Country club prom venues can also host outdoor proms, something that works well in warm dry climates. You can incorporate different themes in a country club setting that are just not available in an urban area.

In major cities like New York, the prom venue will often be a hotel or auditorium downtown and an after-prom party is set up with one of the local clubs. There are comedy clubs, dance clubs, and even floating nightclubs in New York City and other urban metropolises across the country. These offer an extended prom venue where the party can continue into the early hours of the morning.

Other good prom venues for the prom or after-prom include theme parks, amusement parks, lakeside resorts, and larger restaurants that have a dance floor. Take under consideration the number of students who will attend and choose one that is affordable and accessible for you. As a prom planner, you really don’t want to go to school on prom night either, do you?


  1. Choosing a beautiful venue is so hard to choose because there are lot choices but these ideas are very helpful. I am really glad to know it those ideas you share with us. Thanks ❤️

  2. Some amazing ideas here. I’m from the UK. We didn’t do school proms. I was hoping to live vicariously through my daughter but when she graduated, she decided not to attend! How thoughtless of her!

  3. I agree with country clubs. I used to work for lme when I was in college and they’d have all kinds of wedding receptions and other parties

  4. I remember my highschool prom was at a hotel and then we moved to a club in the city. It was fun, as it was the first time we were treated like adults and not teens anymore. The hotel was a four star and their restaurant was great.


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