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Hair Bun with Enisa

Hair Bun with Enisa

The hair bun worn by Enisa has become as much her signature as much as her music.  The 2014 Prom Guide Cover Model, now recording artist, best known for the single, Burn This Bridge and the soon to be released Karma takes time out from a photo shoot to demonstrate how she puts her hair up in a bun.

We’ve seen this look quite a bit on the runway and we’re here to break down the self-proclaimed classic “Enisa Bun”.

You’ll Need:

  1. Hairspray
  2. Gel or Pomade
  3. Wooden Brush
  4. Rat tail comb
  5. Bobby Pins
  6. Elastic hair bands

How to Create a Hair Bun with Enisa:

  1. Remove rings
  2. Make a high ponytail
  3. Squirt gel on brush
  4. Use brush to comb hair into high ponytail
  5. Once smooth, use alot of hairspray all over
  6. Continue brushing to smooth out
  7. Remove all the lumps in the back
  8. Spray more hairspray in the back
  9. Use the rat tail comb to smooth out hair finely
  10. Use elastic bands to tie bands around hair as tight as you can stand
  11. Use secondary tie to ensure that the ponytail is tight
  12. Continue to use hair spray and rat tail comb to smooth out
  13. Use hair spray on the pony tail and let dry
  14. Tease the hair with the rat tail comb and brush
  15. Use hairspray liberally
  16. Twirl your ponytail between you hands and then around the headbands to make a bun
  17. Tuck the end of the ponytail underneath the bun
  18. Use bobby pins to secure the end of the ponytail underneath the band
  19. Smooth out with rat tail comb and gel
  20. Secure bun with bobby pins in sideways (horizontal)
  21. You should have a doughnut hole in the middle
  22. Continue to smooth out bun with rat tail comb
  23. Then, tap that bun and load up on the hairspray


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Keshia Richmond
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  1. Her hair is gorgeous. Since I am natural I have a slightly different way of doing my high bun but it is essentially the same. I dont use a rat tail or hairspray but gel is my best friend!

  2. What a beautiful hair style! I always have hard time to make it into a clean bun myself. But this method and video instruction is awesome!

  3. That’s a fantastic way of making a bun! I love to try this one out. I really have to take care of my hair this time, I think the most neglected part of myself in terms of grooming is my hair. I haven’t really invested on hair products that will really maximize the natural waviness and look of my hair.

  4. I will never get tired of wearing a classic bun for any occasions. Now that I have shoulder-length hair, I’m missing it! I can’t wait to get my hair even longer 😀


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