5 Keys to Prom Limo Negotiations

Keep reading for 5 Keys to Prom Limo Negotiations.

Understanding prom limo shop talk can help you negotiate a great car at a price that would be considered a cheap limo for prom night. Reserving a prom limousine is almost like making airline reservations. Therefore, you begin calling any prom limousine service make some notes.

Write down the date of your prom, how many hours will you need the limousine, and what type of prom limo desired. If you are not exactly sure for the type of limousine, you may inquire about their popular prom limousines or party buses. You may go back and forth with the prom limousine service until they get all this information. Now, the prom limousine negotiations will begin.

Find out if the prom limousine you desire will be available and the price. Make sure you get a clear picture of exactly what this price includes. Ask them will there be any other fees. Let them know you want your prom night to be perfect and you are working on a budget. After you both smile ask about any prom specials you may be entitled to. Keep in mind your prom limo cost is the total price divided by the number of friends paying for the car.

Keys to Prom Limousine Negotiations!

1. Know what you want (prom date, type of prom limo, the number of hours).
2. Shop for your price. Find prom limos near you on Prom Guide.  Be sure to get at least five quotes.
3. Search our prom limo database to find all the prom limousine service in your area. Here, you will find their company name, phone number and website.
4. Make sure you understand what the prom limousine service is offering you. Confirm everything.
5. Take a parent with you and make sure you fully understand everything before signing your prom limo contract.


  1. Even though this article is short, it is to the point. Prom night has always been a great deal for many kids. Thanks for sharing the tips on how to find great deals on prom limos. I will surely share it with my juniors.

  2. I have been thinking of getting a limo for my son’s next birthday. I think it would be fun for him. He’s too young for prom, but I know that’ll be here soon too.

  3. Great prom limo negotiation tips. It’s important to make certain that you’re always getting the best possible deal for the big prom night.

  4. Wow. It is nice that these services are available for kids’ prom. I think this post is helpful for parents whose kids will be attending the prom.


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