The Best Prom Limousine Prom Deals in town!

The best prom limo deals are not hard to find. We will help you find the right prom limo companies offering the best deals in Long Island, New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Maryland, District of Columbia or anywhere in the country. 

Check to see if your prom limo or party bus company offers one or more of the following with booking:

  1. extra hours. 

2. free electronic device.

3. cash back. 

4. discounted pricing. 

Make A Statement with Your Prom Limo!

The prom limo is all about the wow! factors. The traditional prom limousine service is with the stretch and super stretch Lincolns. These traditional prom limos hold from four to fourteen prom kids comfortably. Then, there are the classical prom limousines which are the Phantom Rolls Royce Limos and the like. These classical prom limos seat two to six prom kids. For the large prom parties, there are the party buses. These are the prom limo coach and party buses that fit fourteen to forty four prom kids. These prom vehicles usually come with a stewardess to make sure your prom night is enjoyable. The most popular prom limos are the SUV Prom Limousines. It’s the SUV Prom Limo gets the biggest wow!

The Most Popular Super Stretch SUV Limos for Prom!

Most of the popular limos for proms featured are showcasing Super Stretch SUV Limos. Here, you will find hot prom limousines like Super Stretch Porsche Cayenne SUV Limos, Chrysler 300 SUV Limos, QX56 Infinity SUV Limos, Hummer H2 SUV Limos, Cadillac Escalade SUV Limos, Ford Excursion SUV Limos, Mercedes CLS 500 SUV Limos, Lexus GS 430 SUV Limos, Mercedes S-550 SUV Limos, BMW 750Li SUV Limos, BMW X5 SUV Limo, Hummer H2 SUT SUV Limo, Navigator SUV Limo, Range Rover Sport SUV Limos, Mercedes GL 450 SUV Limos and Audi Q7 SUV Limos. Many of these prom limousines are equipped with jet doors and are loaded with direct TV, XM radio, Sony play stations. Almost all prom limos equipped with flat screen TVs, CD/DVD players, fish tanks, fiber optics, strobe & neon lighting, moon roofs and more.

Looking for Cheap Limos for Prom?

Try A Prom Party Bus or Limousine.

Prom Party Buses and Limousines are like a night club on wheels. The party buses are cheap limos because the amount of passengers they hold. They are spacious and can hold up to forty four prom kids. These prom limousine buses often come with a stewardess to heighten the enjoyment. Some of these popular Prom Limousine Buses (or Limbusine) are 20 passenger party buses, 30 passenger party buses, 35 passenger party buses, 40 passenger party buses and 44 passenger party buses. There is even a New York prom limousine company that has a Double Decker Limo Bus that holds up to 80 passengers. There are cheap limos for prom. Just keep in mind, your prom limo dollars will go further if you have a large party to take advantage of one of these prom limousine buses.

The Best Prom Limo Transportation Services

We will help you find a great affordable prom limo. There are traditional prom limos, classical prom limos, prom party buses or prom SUV limos almost everywhere in the country. Prom limos that will get you to your prom with class and sophistication and return you home safely. We strongly recommend use of limousines during prom time. Please take the time to find the right company with the right drivers and limousine for your prom night. Whether, you reserving a prom limousine for prom night or driving yourself, have a safe, fun prom.



  1. Don’t know if I can afford a prom limo but definitely I would love to have one or at least rent! Nice information especially for people looking for one. – Chuck

  2. Great to know where I can find a service like this, that offers the best prom limos! This will be very convenient to others needing it.

  3. Always find your posts useful. Thank You!
    One question, are limos still the thing? I haven’t seen any for a long time.

  4. Ahhh prom… boy do I remember those days! The prom wasn’t a prom unless you had a limo to ride in with your date and friends.

  5. Seems like every year Prom becomes more like a red carpet event, including the wheels! Love that first and foremost, kids are safe when they are not behind the wheels driving themselves.

  6. Nothing funner than renting a prom limo with your friends and reaching the school or event hall in style. My daughter and her friends are planning on doing this when their prom comes up so thanks for the tips!


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