Cheap Limos for Prom

There are cheap limos for the prom but you must find limos and party buses near you. After you know the prom limousine you desire for prom night, we will help you find the perfect limo and get cheap limo deals. Even though most of the cheap limo services are in New York City, there are lots great deals to be had through the country. Many prom kids are booking prom party buses. These are cheap limos because they hold up to 44 prom kids. If you have lots of friends this could become your best party on wheels with much savings.

Find Cheap Limo Prices Near You

1. Seek and you shall find! Cheap limo prices are out there. Start by finding a prom limo near you.  Search for limousines near you and contact them on
2. Contact the five prom limousine service with the best price. Confirm that they prom limousine you desire for your prom date. Many of these companies have showcases on certain days of the week. Try to visit the company and inspect their prom limousines. Keep in mind, most prom limousine also have prom specials so besides getting a cheap prom limo you may get additional hours.
3. Take a parent with you when reserving your prom limousine. Read the contract carefully and make sure all your questions are fully answered before signing the contract.


  1. This is a good advice for finding a cheap limo for prom. Limo rental here is still expensive but we use the app GRAB and they have nicer cars too for rental.

  2. These are some great tips especially if you have an upcoming prom event. I usually do things earlier than intended so this one is no different, if you want to find the best limos you better start searching for it early.

  3. Prom means showing up in style! From the cutest outfit, the most amazing makeup and showing up in a great limo! Those having prom this year should see this!

  4. Never tried sitting on a limo. Sometimes, while watching movies, I just imagine myself at the movie where a girl is sitting on a limo going to a prom.

  5. How cool that would be to get to your prom in a limo! My kids are all grown and some of my nephews and nieces are still too young. I will just have to remember that there are cheap prom limo their parents can rent when the time comes for the kids to attend their prom.

  6. I am always fascinated with limousine especially the fancy ones like this. Definitely, an experience to go on a limo with your beautiful prom dress.

  7. Wow..! I wish I had read about cheap limos before my prom.. So sad it’s already done. Such a great helpful blog…

  8. Great tips on getting a cheap limo for prom! I remember back to my prom, and it was virtually impossible to get one when everyone else was trying to get one too.

    • Yes it can be really tough to book a cheap limo when everyone else going to prom is too. For that, we tell prom kids to book early, share the limo with a group or search for cheap limos in a wider radius outside your hometown.

  9. This is a good prom guide. For prom, I had a golf cart one year and then a classic Mustang the other but cheap prom Limos always seemed like such a fun option.

  10. This is such a great help for all us who always dreaming to ride in a limo in every important occasion of our lives. Thanks for sharing this info with us.

  11. What a fancy Limo! I never ride any limo before. I thought it was too expensive for me to afford even just for a ride until I can here and learned how to score a cheap limo.

  12. This is a very informative article on how to get a cheap limo. In India proms are not popular hope some day it will be.

  13. When it comes to limos you definitely have to do your research. I used to be friends with someone that owned a limo company and saw some crazy things. One important thing is that you have to look at the cars before signing anything.

  14. It is funny you write about limos and prom because whenever i see a limo at a wedding i’m like what a sec that should be at the prom. haha. good tips tho!


  15. A big tip I’ve learned is booking way in advance. In order to get the best deals and actually have a limo as an option, booking way ahead of time ensures it.

  16. I remember when I had my prom seven years ago, my friends and I had been on the hunt for a couple of months to find a good and reliable limo company that wasn’t super over-priced. It would have been good to have these tips way back then! 🙂


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