The Right Prom Limousine for Prom night!

The Right Prom Limousine for Prom night!

Your prom dress and prom tuxedo is not complete without the right prom limo on prom night. Once the prom limousine arrives at your prom all eyes will be on you and your date as you both leave your prom limo. Imagine the excitement of your parents as the prom limos go from house to house prior to the prom. Plenty of prom pictures will be taken. You will feel like Jay-Z and Beyonce at the music awards. Therefore, the prom limo you choose will let everyone know just how important you are. We will guide you throughout your search for the best prom limousine services within your budget. View many pictures and get details on the hottest limos for proms.

Great Prom Limousine Service & After Prom Entertainment Ideas.

A great prom limousine service will also assist you with your after prom night entertainment. These after prom ideas will make sure you enjoy every minute of your prom night. Be sure to ask about free or discounted passes to after prom parties, comedy club and cruises. The bulk of the time you will spend in your prom limo will be the ride to the prom and then to your after prom destination. Manage your time wisely. If you a looking for cheap limos for prom, we recommend a prom party bus. It’s cheap because it accommodates up to 44 prom kids. We will guide you through a number of great limousine companies in New York, New Jersey, Illinois, Maryland, Florida, Texas, California and throughout the country.


  1. Prom is a special time and so you definitely should make it as memorable as possible. I like that you list companies in different states that could help these promgoers have a night to remember!

  2. I love prom and this is such a great info to those who are wishing to ride in a limo going to their prom night.

  3. We had our limo for 4 hours but prom was just awful for me. So the guy let us stay in it another 2 hours and just drove us around it was awesome. Finding a good driver definitely helps!

  4. Talk about making an impact arriving at the prom in a limo! Wow. Enjoying a limo for an entire prom night!

  5. Some of these limos they have out there are major cool for high school prom night. Well anyone of them would be, but the Hummer limo I saw recently would be great for kids!

  6. I have to say, this information on limos is really make me feel more confident for when my kids get older. I never knew so much went into it.

  7. I always wanted to take a limo. I honestly had no idea there was a right and wrong limo service! Very cool info!

  8. I dunno… As a parent with limited funds I’m not certain my kids will be getting the Beyonce experience even IF we rented a limo… might be more about finding a good budget option for us.

    • Budgeting for a limousine is definitely a consideration. When the cost is split among a group of kids, the cost becomes amazingly affordable!

  9. Prom buses are a great way to all go to the prom together and saves on the cost! Plus a big party on the bus is always fun


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