Prom Night

The holidays are over and it’s a new year. Prom night is right around the corner. Are you ready? Can it possibly be that close to that all important night of high school? You may not have thought about it too much (or you might have), but this is the last event of this part of your life. Prom night is the end of your senior year and you need to start right now to get ready for it.

Prom Dress

If you are a girl, it is all about the dress. Choosing the perfect prom dress for prom night requires that you do some SHOPPING. Awesome!!! You have a good excuse to go out and spend your (or your parent’s) money on something that will make you feel and look good. There are a number of different designers to choose from and there are countless local vendors that offer prom dresses, gowns and formal dresses for all occasions. The right dress makes a huge difference on prom night, so shop, shop, shop. You can even shop online if you want.

Prom Tuxedo

And how about you guys out there? Are you just going to go down to the local tuxedo vendor and rent the classic black and white like everyone else, or are you going to put a little thought into it? The impression you make on prom night is just as important as the one your date makes. You want to look good and demand the attention of everyone in the room. Try something flashy or maybe just a tux of a different color. Find out what your date is wearing and try to match. She’ll appreciate it.

Prom Limo

Finally, there is the prom limo. Once again, you can go with the classic, a long black stretch Lincoln or Cadillac, but do you know what’s out there for choices right now? You can rent Hummer H2’s, Rolls Royce, Navigators, Escalades, Excalibur, even a bus if you want to get all your friends together on prom night. Check out all of them. Don’t be just another anonymous face in the crowd when you pull up. Don’t just show up on prom night, show some style.


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