7 Ways to Play it Safe on Prom Night

Help get the word out about the dangers of alcohol, drugs, and driving while impaired on prom night with your local SADD or MADD chapter. Here's how:

1.  Kick Off Prom with a Pre-Prom Health Day Program.

SADD students at Lawrence Academy in Groton, Massachussets along with their Health Services Department organized a two-hour, pre-prom program for seniors.

Prom Health Day

2.  Start the Day with a Senior Breakfast.

This will help your classmates feel a sense of camaraderie and will be the perfect beginning to the day’s festivities.

Prom - Breakfast Buffet

3.  Create a SADD Hallway.

Lead your fellow students down the hallway to the auditorium decorated with SADD posters and signs that reinforce your message.

Prom - High School Hallway

4.  Spare No Drama.

Have your local funeral parlor provide a hearse parked on your school’s footpath or lawn.  With its doors open, be sure to drape you school’s flag over the casket.  For another alternative, use a car that was in an accident caused by a drunk driver.

Prom - Hearse - Coffin

5.  Invite the Coroner.

The coroner, a representative from the district attorney’s office, an emergency room doctor, Director of Alcoholic Beverage and Control and/or a person once involved in a drunken driving incident and lived to tell about it would be good speakers for a panel discussion.

Prom - Morgue

6.  Show a Music Video.

By now you’ve probably seen, Simple Plan’s riveting video to the single, “Untitled (How Could This Happen to Me?).”  Make a showing of the video be the centerpiece of your school’s anti-alcohol and drug campaign.  With a partnership and endorsement from MADD, this video is sure to make impression on your classmates.

7.  Celebrate Your Health.

Get parents involved in planning a post-prom celebration at a local health club.

Prom - Health Club Party

It is estimated that twenty one percent of young teenage drivers killed in car crashes are intoxicated.  You can help save the lives of you and your friends by thinking about the dangers of driving while under the influence of drugs and alcohol, getting involved, and making sound decisions.  For more information, please visit SADD and MADD.


  1. These are some great tips. I think kicking off the day with a brunch is awesome. We have something similar to this with our Project Graduation that happens after graduation.

  2. Safety is super important so thanks for these tips to help kids stay safe on prom night. I will be using some of these!

  3. It is actually a great initiative. I am a teacher and we often create events. And when you are involved with teens sometimes due to fun mood, aderline rush they take rash decision. I am definitely bringing up the initiative to my school.

  4. I didn’t drink in high school, mostly because I took the warnings seriously. I think it’s awful and scary how so many teens don’t think before getting in a vehicle under the influence.

  5. When I was a senior in high school, they brought a wrecked car to our school for the shop class to work on. What was most shocking was that it was the girlfriend of one of the guys in my class who had died in the wreck. It made a huge impact on everyone!

  6. I think each idea is great! I don’t have much to say about my prom experience, my family could have saved a ton and nothing would have been changed to me

  7. These are some really great tools to keep our teens safe especially during a time when they will go partying on prom night!

  8. Our local schools bring in a crashed car or two, and have a few students portray the drunk driver and victims in the car(s). I think it sends a powerful message, as there haven’t been any alcohol/drug-related fatalities or arrests that I’m aware of.

  9. It’s a good idea for a school or town to do something like this before prom season. High school kids should not be drinking. It only takes one moment of bad judgment to change lives forever.


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