Old Jeans Become Art in Offbeat Fashion Show

Guillermo Tragant, Creative Director, Dallas Market Center
Guillermo Tragant, Creative Director, Dallas Market Center

When buyers showed up to the Dallas Apparel & Accessories Market at the Dallas Market Center in June, they were looking for a fashion show.  What they saw was a fashion show that differed greatly from the one shown the previous September for Dallas Market Center’s “The One” show.  That one, the models sashayed down a u-shaped runway, a common runway configuration.  Creative Director, Guillermo Tragant made sure that this fashion show would delight buyers in an offbeat kind of way.

Tragant dubbed the fashion show backdrop, the ‘Denim Pavilion’.  Specifically, his goal was  to promote the latest trends in denim.  According to Tragant’s Instagram page, he created this art “out of more than 300 pairs of recycled jeans sourced around the Dallas and Fort Worth area.  They belonged to moms, cowboys, teenagers, workers, fashionistas, truck drivers and rock stars.  Every pair has a different patina, wash, cut and style.  Every pair tells a story.”


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Not only did the jeans tell the story, but the models told the story of trends that Tragant forecasts, a resurgence of grunge and punk fashion.  If you were in and around Seattle, Washington in the 80s or watched MTV then you recall this unkempt yet decisive style of this decade.  Think singer Cyndi Lauper, Billy Idol, Kurt Cobain.  Present day, one can see subtle influences in the wardrobe and style of Lady Gaga, Cara Delevingne, and arguably, Nicki Minaj’s early looks were reminiscent of punk.

Tragant’s forecast seems to be punk meets hip-hop in a very subtle way.  We saw blue denim overalls, thick gold chains, paired with rain hats and high top sneakers; black denim trousers with suspenders over a sheer muscle shirt and a surprise statement piece, an over-sized rhinestone necklace with biker boots.  Then, almost as an ode to the film, “The Wiz” and Michael Jackson, we see a very scarecrow-esque, farm hand type look, with full-on afro adorned with a hat to the side, baggie trousers, a denim blouse with over-sized sleeves accessorized with a red bandanna and nude work boots. But that’s not all, we saw tiaras paired with denim jackets and a host of other inspiring looks.
Tragant has held the position of Creative Director since the Dallas Market Center created it nearly a year ago.  With 25 years in the business and award-winning creative work for premier brands including Coca-Cola, Google, Nike, Levi’s, Benetton, Home Depot, Chrysler, Jeep, Stella Artois and MTV, we are looking forward to seeing more of Tragant’s work at the Dallas Market Center.
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  1. Every art piece is unique and this is one awesome example. Who would have thought you could create art from an old pair of jeans? Amazing!


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