Mr. Lobo 2019 Chandler Rowley

Langham Creek High School in Houston, TX has something few high schools do–the LCHS Project Prom Committee (LCHS).  This committee rivals the Parent Teacher Association (PTA) in many ways and serves as a strong, possible alternative, to the student-run prom committee of old.

These type of prom committees are are formed to provide a fun, drug and alcohol-free, overnight, parent chaperoned, prom or lock in event for juniors, seniors & their dates and to raise money for the prom itself.  The LCHS Project Prom committee chairs are Sandra Billings and Ingrid Robinson.

One of ways that LCHS raises funds is through it’s annual fundraising event, Mr. Lobo.  A number of young men, sponsored by friends, teams, societies and clubs vie for the title in three categories:  tuxedos, talent, and swimsuits even.  The contestants open up like any beauty contest would–with an opening number wearing jeans and Mr. Lobo 2019 t-shirts.  Then, they escort young ladies, attendants, who wear prom dresses.

LCHS crowned Chandler Rowley with the 2019 Mr. Lobo distinction.  He escorted attendant Alaina New.  Rowley was chosen by a panel of community judges.

The Winners

Mr. Lobo 2019 – Chandler Rowley
1st Runner Up – Riley McDaniel
2nd Runner Up – Andres Mancera
3rd Runner Up – Jackson Billings
4th Runner Up – Nathan Babb
Mr. Congeniality – Sean Sheikh
Ms. Congeniality – Sieanna Patel
Best Smile – Chandler Rowley
Best Buns – Ryan Trejo
Best Guns – Riley McDaniel
Best Eyes – Blake Kuehnle & Miles Bibbins

LCHS Project Prom uses the proceeds from ticket sales, program advertisements, concessions, and candy grams, to fund the Class of 2019’s prom at Langham Creek High School in Houston, TX.

Past Winners

Mr. Lobo 2018 – Jansen Stehle
1st Runner Up  – Gary Payne
2nd Runner Up – Jordan Gilchrist
3rd Runner Up – Jeremy Grail
4th Runner Up – Korey Holland
Best Smile – Grant Finke
Best Eyes – Kyle Poerschke
Best Buns – Cobin Eggers
Best Guns – Grant Marconi
Mr. Congeniality – Walter Arimokwu
Miss Congeniality – Brianna Wilkerson


  1. Wow, this is a great prom fundraiser to have to raise money for prom and have a good time while doing it. I never thought of this. Maybe Mr. Lobo or something similar, we should consider doing at my school.


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